Box Sets


All our Movie Length Tales™ now come collected by genre, each five- or six-book collection available as a Kindle “box set” or a custom-wrapped set of paperbacks.

The Kindle ebooks are an incredible bargain: Priced from $8.99 to $9.99 per set and sometimes free! (Click on the Kindle versions below to check.)

Here are the sets. Click on on any one to see its Amazon page.

SciFi and Fantasy box set

Sci-Fi & Fantasy- KINDLE

SciFi & Fantasy - PAPERBACKS

SciFi & Fantasy – PAPERBACKS

Comedy & Romance box set

Comedy & Romance – KINDLE

Comedy & Romance - PAPERBACKS

Comedy & Romance – PAPERBACKS

Action & Adventure

Action & Adventure – KINDLE

Action & Adventure - PAPERBACKS

Action & Adventure – PAPERBACKS

Thriller, Suspense & Horror box set

Thriller, Suspense & Horror – KINDLE

Thriller, Suspense & Horror - PAPERBACKS

Thriller, Suspense & Horror – PAPERBACKS