You Buy, We Give through Operation Paperback

Operation PaperbackAisle Seat Books is proud to be a volunteer partner with Operation Paperback.

Operation Paperback is a non-profit organization that has supported American troops since 1999, providing quality paperback books throughout the time a service member is deployed overseas.

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In addition to overseas locations, Operation Paperback provides books to military and veterans hospitals located within the United States, as well as USO centers at US airport transit points. In 2012, they added a new program that offers a free shipment of books to any military family. At last count they had shipped over 1.9 million books to locations around the globe.

Please join us in supporting this wonderful cause. It’s easy. For every one of our paperback Movie Length Tales™ you order from us here we’ll send another one to an Operation Paperback location where it will be read over and over again by service members and their families. You buy one, we give one. You buy two, we give two. You buy a full set, we give a full set. Just as simple as that. And what a great way to say thank you to the people who continue making real sacrifices for the rest of us.

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