by Lee A. Matthias

In a near-future world shattered by an alien invasion, a lone Special Forces soldier stumbles on a group of disabled military vets holding their abandoned VA hospital as the invaders lay siege.

Science Fiction • 13 and older

“I love this book! This is a short movie length book which you can read in the time it takes to watch a movie. Foe kept me white knuckled and at one point had me throwing the book in fright (creeped out) across the room. Nothing worse than mixing aliens with spiders!!! If you like quick reads and suspense this book is for you…really wish they would make this one into a movie.”

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Lee A. Matthias

Lee A. Matthias

Lee Matthias is a writer with three published novels, others on the way, a nonfiction book just released, several screenplays written and in development. During and after college, he worked as a theater projectionist and manager, in public relations, and as a literary agent selling to publishers and producers. Two heads are better than one, so he keeps a human skull on his desk for inspiration (and a second opinion). He currently works as a computer network administrator in government. He’s married and the father of two daughters.