A young girl is raised and trained by the assassins who killed her family. When she comes of age, she becomes their next target. And they become hers.

Action and Adventure, Fantasy • 13 and older

“Eiko is an action packed fantasy adventure inspired by the best martial arts and anime films. If you like Man with the Iron Fists or Ninja Scrolls this is for you!!”

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Kenan Brack

Kenan Brack

The son of a hardworking teacher, Kenan Brack found escape from the struggles of the south side of Chicago through the films of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and the Shaw Brothers Studios. A fiction writer, producer, director, and photographer, he now tells his own stories. “As a screenwriter I don’t pull any punches,” he says. “If the world is a violent and bloody place then that’s what I portray. Too many writers try to soften their stories to fit in; and I think that is doing a disservice to the audience. I simply tell the story as it should be told.”