He's at the movies

Welcome! Thanks for taking a look. Here’s what you need to know about our Movie Length Tales™.

First, each is more like a movie than a book. Yes, you’ll read it, but you’ll be at a full-featured movie as you turn the pages. It will play in your mind with sound and action and special effects, characters that you’ll recognize, settings as real — or as imaginary — as any you’ve ever seen on the big screen. It will unfold in real time and will run from start to finish about as long as the feature film it will someday be.

That’s right: The feature film it will be. You won’t find any of them in theaters yet. Our Movie Length Tales™ all originate as screenplays, film scripts for great movies that have not yet been made, written by some of the best screenwriters in the business. Each was first written as a movie, then converted by its writer from the technical shorthand of a film script into standard book format without changing or adding anything: Scene for scene, line for line, beat for beat, this is a movie.

The result is something new and wonderful: An experience that’s as entertaining as a movie and as quiet, portable, private and handy as a book.

Try one. You’ll see. Literally: You’ll see the movie.™