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First, each is more like a movie than a book. Yes, you’ll read it, but you’ll be at a full-featured movie as you turn the pages. It will play in your mind with sound and action and special effects, characters that you’ll recognize, settings as real — or as imaginary — as any you’ve ever seen on the big screen. It will unfold in real time and will run from start to finish about as long as the feature film it will someday be.

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A Double Feature

Our Movie Length Tales™ also come as Double Features. These Kindle Select eBooks each feature a matched pair of Movie Length Tales™. Some Double Features are paired by genre, others are two movies written by the same author. You’ll also find them all here, or under “Double Features” in the sidebar to the right (or…

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Operation Paperback

Aisle Seat Books is proud to be a volunteer partner with Operation Paperback. Operation Paperback is a non-profit organization that has supported American troops since 1999, providing quality paperback books throughout the time a service member is deployed overseas. In addition to overseas locations, Operation Paperback provides books to military and veterans hospitals located within…